• You're a company, and need an agency to build you custom dashboards?
  • You're a manager, and your team needs everyday support?
  • You're a professional and want to enhance your stack of skills?
  • You're a student, and want to add more keywords to your resume?

Good news, we've got exactly what you need !

Consulting, company support, help, & articles to help you build amazing dashboards, or become yourself a master in Google Looker Studio, the definitive BI tool that is helping thousands of companies around the world make some sense of the data they're tracking.

You're very welcome !

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Melone Hatley
Melone Hatley

Hatched Media
Hatched Media

Go Pancham
Go Pancham
Looker Studio Maestro

Here comes the Maestro

Hey there! I'm the data scientist behind these Google Looker Studio classes. Why building classes? The need of leaving my mark? Maybe. I also could have invaded Russia like Napoleon I guess.

I've been using this tool on a daily basis for the past years and gathered a lots of knowledge that is not documented anywhere. And the time has come to leave this legacy to you (or to your team).

Spoiler: you'll get so much value out of these courses that you might want to send me a thank you card. And flowers. I do like flowers.

If anything, please contact me, I'll do my best to give you the best answer. About Looker Studio or life in general. Don't smoke, it's bad for you.