Why choose this course?

Here you are, surfing the web in search for a nice dashboard to monitor your e-commerce metrics. But what about brushing up your skills and building it yourself?!

In this course, we'll focus on learning how to build an incredible dashboard to monitor your e-commerce 360 degrees: website & CMS, ads campaigns, social medias, logistics, payments, ...

In order to do so, we'll use Google Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio) along with connectors provided by Power My Analytics. Please check if your CMS is listed (but most of them are, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon Seller Central, eBay Seller Center, ...).

You'll need to suscribe to a paid plan (~$30/$40 per month at the time of writting these lines). Unfortunately there aren't any free tool in the market to achieve what we'll do together... but I can tell you it's way cheaper than paying an agency for the same job (easily >$250 per month if you want to work with real professionals).

What we'll cover

  Work in Progress
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What's the format of these courses?

All text and images, no video. It's a bold decision I took after having myself taken yet too many classes about Photoshop (I still suck at it). Why?

* Go at your own pace

* Nothing you can't get, step-by-step screenshots to guide you

* Easier to come back to it later on

This course is closed for enrollment.

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