How to build a responsive dashboard in Looker Studio?

Here you are, happy and proud with your state-of-the-art top of the pop Google Looker Studio dashboard, widely used across your organization and cherished amongst its C-level leaders. So far so good.

And then one day, one leader asks you: "dashboard looks shit on my mobile phone, can you make it responsive? Shouldn't be that hard for a superstar like you".

Well, surprise surprise, it might be. Kinda, super-duper hard. In this article, I'm going to show you a workaround to make something decent. Because no, neither Data Studio nor Looker Studio dashboards are responsive (and unlikely to be short-term).

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Just duplicate your page... and re-size it!

That's right, until Google decides to release a major update to its free tool, reports won't be responsive.

But, here's the trick. Instead of focusing on making your actual report responsive, what about making a duplicate version designed for mobile (of the full report or just a subset of pages where necessary. Spoiler: if you're to implement changes to one version, you'll have to double the work to change the second version as well, definitively not a silver bullet solution)?

How are we going to proceed? Select the page you want to make responsive, and duplicate it (again, as a new page in the same report or directly in a new report).

In the top menu, select Page, Current Page Settings, and in the Style ribbon, set the Canvas Size Width to 390px (why not 400px? By experience, many mobile phones are still 397px wide!).

Looker Studio responsive dashboard

Now, your page is totally broken, with loads of dataviz outside the canvas, hence that won't be displayed in View mode. What's next?

  • Decide which dataviz you want to save, and which you are going to delete. The experience on mobile phone is not that good anyways, and even further, if you're looking on your phone you're probably not into a deep-dive, just checking on a few key metrics
  • Drag-and-drop them so they enter the canvas (spoiler, you'll probably have to increase the height of the page to an indecent number of pixels)
  • Don't resize your components, you want yours users to feel comfy on their phone, not to make them feel like they need glasses

And that's it, job done, your users can enjoy navigating through your dashboards on their mobile phone. But once again, remember: limit as much as possible, very few pages, and on these few pages, few components. It should be used for main KPIs people want to look at in the airport lobby, no more no less.

Looker Studio responsive for mobile


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