How to add a link in a table using the HYPERLINK function in Looker Studio?

Google Looker Studio (formerly known as Data Studio. Yes, I am always adding it for SEO purposes...) lets you create incredible data visualizations to share information and generate insights.

Still, there is a feature that I too rarely see and is very powerful when it comes to making your reports and dashboards ease the life your users: adding a link to your table (or any text really). We're going to review the HYPERLINK function.

To support this article, we'll use a Google Search Console data source, but can be applied to any as long as you've got an URL or similar in your data.

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Create a table data visualization

First of, please create a new table by clicking on Add a chart -> Table in the top ribbon:

Looker Studio Dynamic Title Add Table

Add your URL field as a dimension

Now, please add your Landing page as a dimension. But what happens when you don't have a proper URL but only the path like in Google Analytics? You can Create Field and use the CONCAT function to recreate the url, adding your domain, like this:

Looker studio title landing page url

Use the hyperlink function to ease the reading

Eventually, this is where the magic happens. Click on the ABC icon left to the dimension to edit its Type, and change it to: URL -> URL.

What happens now? When you're users are navigating your tables and want to learn more about what they see, they can click on the link, and they will land on the corresponding page. Nice, isn't it?

Looker studio title add link without hyperlink

Let's get to the next level. Having so many links does not look that great. What if we could replace the link with just some text?

We're going to use the HYPERLINK function for that. If you just added a field, replace it by using Create a field. If you already added a CONCAT function, you can modify it by clicking on the ABC icon left to the dimension in the setup ribbon, and set it up as follow: HYPERLINK( CONCAT( '', Landing Page), 'link'):

Looker studio title add link with hyperlink

At this stage, I think you've got the point. First part of the function, the URL, second part, the text that will appear.

And that's it. Here we've displayed a fixed text, but you could also replace the 'link' piece with another field so this is dynamic! And it can be added to a table, but the same works with a text box, your call.


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