How to add a download button in Looker Studio?

From time to time, Google releases new features to its products. Most of the time these are nice to have but are not real game changers. But this time, it's different. In this article, I'll show you how to add a download button directly into your Looker Studio / Data Studio reports. A very cool feature that many people asked me about for years now :)

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Add a button

With the last release, we now have the option to add a button directly to any Looker Studio page.

Top of your page in the Ribbon, click on Add a control, and then select Button (you'll notice a new Preset filter as well, we'll come back to it in a later article):

looker studio download button

Select report actions and download report

Once the button has been added, you can change the text by typing directly, and playing with Style options to make it looks good.

Now, back to the Setup ribbon of your button, please select Report Actions, and then below Download report. And that's it!!

You've just created your first download button, a very useful feature to make the experience better for your users. They'll just have to click on it, select options, and they'll be able to download the report without having to think too much about it:

looker studio download button popup

Other report actions

You'll notice that there are other options at hand with the report actions button type, which are I believe self-explanatory:

  • Invite people
  • Get report link
  • Reset filters (better to have it directly on page that top right of your screen)
looker studio report actions

And that's it! Now your users will enjoy a better experience when navigating through your reports. Thanks Google!

In this article, we've reviewed how to add a download button (and more) to your Looker Studio & Data Studio reports, which definitively provides a better user experience.


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