Why choose this course?

Here you are, a beginner or experienced professional in Looker Studio with no such thing as good taste (no worries, happens to more people that you think).

In this course, we'll focus on learning how to build incredible Google Looker Studio reports (formerly known as Google Data Studio) that make an impression. In less than a month (less than a week if you're really dedicated), you'll know how to set-up a template and quickly build impactful data visualizations.

I'd like to think that people are only interested in the content (don't judge a book by its cover...), but after several years in the field, I can tell you that you need to have both skills: data & design.

What we'll cover


What's the format of these courses?

All text and images, no video. It's a bold decision I took after having myself taken yet too many classes about Photoshop (I still suck at it). Why?

* Go at your own pace

* Nothing you can't get, step-by-step screenshots to guide you

* Easier to come back to it later on

All course curriculum can be accessed for free, or $10 to support creators:

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